Home Boarding

Boarding Life

There can be no substitute for a loving, caring home and our School does not seek to be such a substitute. However, the sense of community and the facilities available to our students enable the School to foster the students’ social confidence and develop their skills and interests. We believe that we can make life for the students stimulating and happy, by providing an environment where they are cared for and supported by a partnership between the parents and the School.

We seek to enable each boarder to make full use of the School’s facilities with contribution from each of the students:

  • To provide as great a wealth as possible of meaningful and enriching experiences, from which each student may choose to allow his individual tastes and predilections.
  • To enable each student to grow into a balanced, fulfilled and distinctive personality.

We have qualified resident Matrons and Nurse in charge of boarding. The Matrons fulfill have overall responsibility, under the Deputy Principal, for the boarding provision and curriculum, for boarding staff and for the safety and welfare of pupils outside normal teaching hours. The Matrons closely liaise with both the pupil’s teachers, parents or guardian, and any other departments as necessary, and is available to discuss with parents their child’s development and support.

We also have resident sentinels who are their big brothers and sisters who liaise with the matrons to ensure well-being of the students and pupils. The resident sentinels also play a key role in helping every student in his/her care to look after themselves and grow in confidence and self-reliance.

A wide range of activities, both on and off the school site, after school hours and on weekends, are provided to cater for the range of interests of the students and to encourage their social development and physical skills. The dormitories are well ventilated and spacious with cubicles to provide attractive and comfortable accommodation for the students. We offer nutritious and well-balanced meals to ensure healthy all-round development of the pupils.

The contentment and happiness of students living away from home in a boarding school is an essential prerequisite if they are going to learn and thrive in the school. It is the task of our Boarding team to ensure that the students are content and happy and in an excellent environment for learning.