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Dear Parents/Guardians,

Choosing a school, that is well-suited to the individual needs of your child, is a major decision for parents. Many questions arise but the foremost, is whether the school’s educational and social philosophy meets the parent’s own expectations and standards. At Mudasa Academy, we believe that families are the primary and most vital teachers during a child’s life!  Our goal is to partner with families in supporting the blossoming of their young children.  We encourage families to make the most of the different opportunities available to support and participate in our programs.  Some of these opportunities include parent conferences, volunteering in the classroom, participating in parent meetings and providing ideas and input to support our school programs. A child’s school should be an extension of their family, providing a secure environment within which they will explore ideas and feelings.

Mudasa Academy’s philosophy is based on the principle that each child will achieve their personal best in all areas of their development!  We believe that children have specific, individual needs and we work diligently to tailor the best methods for reaching each individual child. Education involves the progress of self-motivated, courteous and self-disciplined children. Our school programs offer hands-on, developmentally appropriate instruction that encompass a variety of skills necessary for whole-child development and empowerment of learners to greater heights of success. We create self-awareness among the students and help in capacity building. We are concerned about the general health and wellbeing of learners encompassing their mental, physical, emotional and spiritual dimensions.

Our students work independently as well as collaboratively, learning to respect their needs as well as others needs . A love of nature and a deep sense of responsibility for others and their environment are championed. Moreover, the child should have fun and make new friends. Most importantly, self-esteem is nurtured so that each child pleased with their ability and is confident in what they will achieve.

All of this in a multicultural environment that embraces diversity and encourages children to celebrate their cultural heritage and that of others!

The school has already established itself as a beacon of academic excellence. The challenging task of nurturing tender budding minds at the school is being taken care of with poise, grace and commitment by dedicated teachers. The team at Mudasa Academy firmly believes that with discipline and hard work, any goal can be accomplished.

Please contact us to arrange a tour of our school and to meet our passionate and dedicated staff.

We hope to see you soon!


George Mudanyi
Chairman – Board of Directors
Mudasa Academy